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Small Unit Ambulatory Virtual Environments (SUAVE) Lab: This capability provides unparalleled virtual reality experiences to engage people in high fidelity multisensory environments and high stakes tasks. Three networked full field of view virtual reality systems afford novel understandings of team coordinated behavior, human-robot teaming, and human-systems integration.

Neuromodulation Lab: This capability provides world-class high definition low current brain stimulation (tDCS) systems and accompanying predictive current propagation models for targeting cortical and subcortical structures. Systems include seated, wireless mobile, and with simultaneous EEG recording.

Electroencephalography (EEG) Lab: The EEG laboratory at the Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences is equipped with a BioSemi ActiveTwo Biopotential Measurement System that can simultaneously record EEG (up to 72 electrodes), electro-dermal activity (EDA), respiration rate, skin temperature, plethysmography, electromyography (EMG), and electrocardiography (ECG). In addition to the BioSemi ActiveTwo system, the laboratory is also equipped with a SR Research Eyelink 1000 that is fully integrated with the psychophysiological measures from the BioSemi system.

Physical Activity and Brain (PHAB) Lab: This lab enables cortical hemodynamic and behavioral monitoring as a function of physical fatigue over a range of exercise modes and intensities. Systems include treadmill, recumbent ergometer, physiological monitoring (e.g. heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and impedance cardiography) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) recording. The PHAB lab is equipped with a NIRx NIRSport fNIRS system. This mobile NIRS system is configured for 8 light sources and 8 detectors (8 x 8). CABCS is also equipped with three stationary NIRx NIRScout fNIRS systems, one 16 x 16 one two 8 x 8 systems. All NIRS systems contain dual-wavelength LED illumination (760 and 850 nm).

Augmented REality Sandtable (ARES): ARES combines a traditional military sand table with a Microsoft Kinect sensor to enable new possibilities for terrain visualization and learning via a tangible user interface. This augmented sand table platform supports a variety of research, training, and operational needs and may provide a significant return on investment in many areas including, improved spatial awareness, battlespace visualization, and the development of a common operational picture, increased engagement, retention, and collaboration among students and operational Warfighters, and decreased time to author virtual and constructive 3-D terrains and scenarios.

Microsoft HoloLens: HoloLens is the most advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) augmented reality (AR) technology available today. It provides rich 3-D graphical content, markerless inside-out tracking, wireless network connectivity, and support for gestural and voice command interaction with digital content in a lightweight, self-contained headset. These features have made HoloLens an attractive tool for researchers investigating the utility, usability, and cognitive impact of standalone AR systems.

HTC Vive VR System: The HTC Vive is a COTS head-worn virtual reality (VR) system, developed by the HTC and Valve Corporations. It is comprised of a headset, tracking base stations, and wireless handheld controllers and its tracking fidelity and accuracy are comparable to other VR systems costing many thousands of dollars more. HTC Vive enables rapid VR development and VR-based data collection across a range of topic areas including learning and retention, spatial cognition, and advanced simulation.

Other Resources:

  • Full Kitchen for support of nutrition studies
  • Mobile Near-Infrared Spectroscopy systems
  • Coulborn Finger Stimulator
  • Oculus Rift SDK2 Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
  • SMI RED250 Seated Eye Tracking, SMI ETG Mobile Eye Tracking Glasses
  • Standalone electromyography, electrocardiography, and electrodermal activity recording systems




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